Mentoring, Workshops and Education

It is one of my guiding principles as a human being to pursue and share wisdom. As a part of this, I offer mentorships, workshops, portfolio reviews, lectures, and education. I'm available by individual appointment and formally arranged events.

Creative Photography in Missé, France

The Circle of Misse is a special place. I’ve been going to the house at Misse (in the Loire Valley of France) for several years to work on my own projects, so when the guys there and I started to talk about offering a photography course, it got me excited thinking about the possibilities.

It’s more than just the experience of being in the French countryside, which is of course beautiful. And it’s more than the incredible cuisine and local wines that keeps everyone more than full, but truly satisfied and empowered to concentrate on their work. There’s something special about the atmosphere at Circle of Misse, because altogether, it forms a house of creative encouragement – it’s a place to work and grow. A space to feel both safe and challenged.

Building on that spirit, I’m so pleased that we’re now offering a course of photography. I’m happy to invite you to come and join us: drink in the fresh air, soak in the beautiful local sights, breathe in some of the Misse creative energy, and take your photographic abilities to the next level.

Learn more about the course, including dates and rates, on the Circle of Misse Photography Course page.

Photography Workshops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you're in Amsterdam, I occasionally run courses on an informal basis. It's possible that one will be starting sometime soon – to ask about my availability to teach an upcoming workshop or course, just contact me. Any known events available to the public will be announced here.

Upcoming in 2017-18:
To be announced.

Education and Lecturing

To ask about my availability to speak as a guest lecturer, please contact me.

Upcoming in 2017-18:
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I work with photographers on a personal basis to mentor on a specific project or more broadly as an artist. This can be done in person by appointment, or online anywhere in the world.

Available online through:
Eyes in Progress

Portfolio Reviews

I regularly review artists' photography portfolios as part of my role as Chief Editor of GUP Magazine. You can arrange a personal appointment (details on the GUP site), or register directly for a Portfolio Review event where I'll be participating. Any known events available to the public will be announced here.

Upcoming in 2017-18:
To be announced.

Selected Writings Aimed to Help Developing Artists